Saturday, July 12, 2008

A Request: Large Sculptures

For the sake of following my own rules on featuring a variety of models here, I like to feature a large sculpture roughly once a week. Non-traditional sculptures are allowed (it's not required that most parts are bricks) but sculptures made for the LEGO company are discouraged.

I already know about Nathan Sawaya, Sean Kenney, Eric Harshberger, Henry Lim, Dave at, and the (dormant?) Scaled-Up Bricks blog. I'd like to feature more builders instead of just mining the same few websites over and over again when sculpture time arrives.

It's also important to me to get decent coverage of the model and the builder. Although many models are featured in newspapers, it's very rare that a newspaper reporter actually covers a model in a respectable way. I have some info on what makes a model featurable on the FAQ page.

My e-mail address is - please send along any links you might have to builders' write-ups of their work. Of course, I accept nominations of any sort of model, but I'm specifically running short in this department.

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