Saturday, July 12, 2008

Bionicle Tribute to Ollie

Name of Model: untitled
Created by: monsterbrick
Found at:
Here's an interesting sculpture of Ollie the dragon, made from Bionicle parts. Lots of clever uses here, but when nothing is used in the traditional way, it's kind of hard to point out just a few in particular. Ollie is an unusual character herself - a somewhat apocryphal part of LEGOLAND folklore. I'm not clear on where she (he?) came from, but apparently Ollie can be found in various incarnations at every LEGOLAND park and at most other official LEGO displays - regardless of theme. Bizarrely, when Ollie did finally show up in a set, she was simply called "LEGO Dragon". Since the inspiration for this one is itself an enigma, I'll let it slide that there's only two photos of this one instead of a regular photo gallery.
This is Friday's model of the day.

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