Saturday, July 12, 2008

Gryhnt Piro

Name of Model: Gryhnt Piro
Created by: remyth
Found at:
You know the drill by now - somebody else builds a castle, I point out how awesome it is. I usually have a surprising amount of things to say (especially when you consider how rarely I actually build castles), but today I think I'm just going to point you to the photos. It's bad enough that this is my pick for Thursday and it's going up on Saturday, but this was actually built and added to my "feature this soon!" pile in May. This castle building does, of course, have perfect landscaping and architectural details - the builder even tiled the upper walkway! There's no arguing with that water and wooded walkway either. I really don't give enough credit to Castle builders - I think us non-castle people get used to seeing the same extreme attention to detail in these models that we lose perspective on just how difficult it is to build these. Just look at that gargoyle! It's also way to easy to forget the vignette element to these - did you see the guy chasing after his boat?

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