Saturday, February 25, 2012

Collapsible Building

Name of Model: Collapsible Building
Created by: Duane Hess (Legozilla)
Found at:
Details: Ever feel like it takes up too much space to store and transport your large town buildings? There's now a solution for that - collapsible buildings. This model looks great on it's own, but it's also a nice proof-of-concept for bigger and more complicated things. Now that hinge bricks (in white) are a common Pick-A-Brick part, it's pretty affordable to handle modularity this way. There's nothing stopping us from dropping floors into a design like this - and those floors could be taken out at shows without dismantling the whole building. For the first time, I think we have a real challenger to the Cafe Corner standard for town creations - and there's nothing stopping anyone from making a building like this also conform to the CC standard.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Minifig Scale AT-AT

Name of Model: AT-AT
Created by: 2x4
Found at:
Details: Many LEGO AT-ATs have been made, including an official LEGO set, but this takes the cake. As I understand, this is an incredibly detailed minifig-scale model. Although I'm not a Star Wars fan (and actually have yet to see the movies) I can still appreciate the skill needed to pull off such a large and accurate model. By adding a snowy base and the Luke minifig, 2x4 adds some extra realism and scale to the presentation.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Toy Fair 2012

Name of Model: Toy Fair 2012
Found at:
Details: There's really only one thing to talk about today in LEGO news: Toy Fair 2012. This is the first time we've gotten a clear look at many upcoming sets.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Canadian Parliamentary Buildings

Name of Model: LEGO parliament buildings
Created by: Sara DeFehr
Found at:
Details: Sara DeFehr is one of the many great builders who is sorely under-represented online because she passed away before the Adult Fan Of LEGO (AFOL) community really took off. For a number of reasons, it was a very different time - LEGO wasn't marketed towards adults as much as it is today, and the selection of available parts and colors was much smaller.

Specializing in scale models of Canadian Parliamentary buildings, she earned some notoriety and was filmed for the clip above. The models featured in the clip are the Manitoba Legislature Building, New Brunswick Legislature Building, Winnipeg Old City Hall, and a version of Gruenfeld, Ukraine.

Info on her work is scarce, but what's survived of her creations has found its way to the Toy and Plastic Brick Museum, where several 0f her models have been (or are in the process of being) dusted off, repaired, and put on display.