Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Bionicle Elephant

Name of Model: BBC42--Horatio / What a cute baby elephant. Co-Winner of BBC42.
Created by: T08
Found at: http://www.brickshelf.com/cgi-bin/gallery.cgi?f=245842
This adorable elephant is a winner from a Bionicle-Based Creation building contest at BZPower (I'll be featuring more entries into these contests in the future - it's an oversight on my part that you haven't seen more awesome Bionicle stuff here so far). It's not hard to see why - it's one of those few Bionicle creations that is immediately recognizable as something from outside of the Bionicle world. I think the colors used here include both dark stone and dark gray, but they blend together pretty well here. For those of you not into Bionicle, those are balls from ball-and-socket joints for eyes, Toa heads for feet, head elements from smaller Bionicle creatures for ears, and a Toa leg-piece for a tail. They did have to use a few of the "normal" LEGO® pieces near the top to flesh out the rounded back, but in my book you get extra points for reminding people that all the parts still work together.

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