Wednesday, April 16, 2008

A pub inspired by one in Cambridge

Name of Model: A pub inspired by one in Cambridge
Created by: aj-ml
Found at:
You've seen plenty of unique models made with parts from the 4954 "Model Town House" kit before, but this one stands out because of how closely it resembles the life-size building it is based on. There were a few changes made (presumably to keep this from needing multiples of special parts), but the overall effect is still there. A custom sticker was used to print the logo on the side of the building, but the rest of this is all done with LEGO® parts. If the lamps on the front look unusual, it's because they're made with sextant tools for minifigs - this technique is getting to be pretty popular and has started showing up in official sets recently. The lamp on the side, though? That's done with a minifig's metal-detector tool. Now that's a clever new technique!

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