Friday, March 21, 2008

In Memory of Arthur C. Clarke - Ships from 2001 and 2010

Name of Models: Discovery and Leonov
Created by: True Dimensions
Found at: and

Arthur C Clarke died this past Tuesday. Clarke is a widely-respected Sci-Fi author who is acknowledged as the first to propose the use of communication satellites in geosynchronous orbit. Clarke also wrote many famous Sci-Fi novels, including 2001: A Space Odyssey and 2010: The Year We Make Contact. You can read more about Arthur C. Clarke on Wikipedia.

These models were both completed in 2004, but for some reason they only seem to be making the rounds recently. They are both phenomenal, though, and are well-worth the recent attention (and of course, they make for a fitting tribute to their inspirations' author). I'm thrilled with the information provided on these models - complete parts lists and LDraw-format CAD files. LDraw is a fantastic fan-created software program that allows for thorough documentation and instruction generation for LEGO® models (The official LEGO® CAD software, LEGO Digital Designer, does not include a life-like variety of parts, but does allow for special-ordering of parts and creations - personally, I recommend both software titles as well as MLCAD for LDraw.). Of course, the 3861 grey pieces used in the Discovery probably make this a bit difficult to try to make on your own, but you know, you could if you wanted to (of course, finding the parts could be a problem of it's own - and don't get me started on the differences between different shades of grey LEGO® pieces). The Leonov is a bit of a show-stealer, though, with motorized armature in it's middle. Oh, and apparently you can check out even more great "making of" action on these models in the first issue of BrickJournal.
These are Wednesday's and Thursday's models of the day.

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