Thursday, March 20, 2008

NightHunter Chopper Transformer

Name of Model: NightHunter - the Autobot Transformer. I have constructed it for competition on This robot is transformed to helicopter KA-50 Hokum aka Black Shark
Created by: ZED
Found at:
It's tempting to try to split this into two models. I could write about how it is an amazing helicopter, with great details, elegant construction, and a decent sense of scale/proportions (which is surprisingly rare in LEGO® helicopters, especially in the official sets). I could write about how this is an excellent "mecha" robot. This is really a Transformers model, though! Which means that this thing is spectacular, and one of the most amazing morphing models we've seen in quite some time. There are some photos showing the transformation as well. Oh, and apparently this was done for a contest at the Russian-language site - so maybe we'll be seeing some more exciting Transformers coming up.
This is Tuesday's model of the day

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