Monday, February 21, 2011

Site Spotlight: Brick It Good

Name of Website: BRICKITGOOD
Created by: Mr. Corey Sanders
Found at:
Here's a new feature I'd like to get started on right away (mostly because I just found out about this great website): a spotlight on useful resources within the LEGO community. BRICKITGOOD is the work of Mr. Corey Sanders, a schoolteacher from Nevada who runs (and personally funds) an after-school LEGO program for elementary-school aged students. The site features a wide variety of models, with plenty of photos for each one. Most of the models also include instructions - some of which are in LEGO Digital Designer format so you can easily buy the parts needed to build them. An advantage (for teachers especially) of creating building instructions is that you can save designs while taking the models apart - which is particularly important when you need to make the parts available again for other students. In addition to creating instructions for his own designs, he has also created instructions for a number of popular models that haven't been available to the public (such as promotional items that were only given away as glued models). These models are a great starting place for your original creations - or you could try rebuilding some of the designs as shown. The events section covers student creations, regional events, and the 2004 Master Model Builder search (yes, when you build lifelike sculptures this well, LEGO takes notice).

The photos below show examples of the variety of material available on the BRICKITGOOD website, and each one is a link that takes you to the appropriate section of the site.
Grayscale mosaicsColor mosaicsOther mosaicsSculptures


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Anonymous said...

Corey Sanders has always been one of my favorite brick artists. He's one of the people who inspired me when I was coming out of my Dark Ages. His mosaics, his models, instructions, and the amazing work he does with the students at his school make him a favorite.

Arthur Gugick