Sunday, December 12, 2010

Mall of America LEGO Imagination Center Grand Reopening

Name of Event: Mall of America LEGO Imagination Center Grand Reopening
Found at: - the Mall of America LEGO Imagination Center
Details: This past weekend had that most unusual of events: a LEGO store Grand Re-opening. Many things about this are unusual: the location at the Mall of America has been a flagship store since 1992. It's been known as one of only two "Imagination Centers" (the other being the Downtown Disney location), and it hadn't seen a major renovation since 1998. Further, LEGO has decided NOT to have grand openings for other recently opened brand retail outlets - two stores in the UK have opened recently, but won't have any special events to celebrate their "Grand Opening" until after the holiday rush is over.

This time out, the large sculptures around the store are specifically not based on the current product line (so they won't become dated as quickly). The highlight is the large sculpture pictured here, which is also depicted in the event kit (also pictured here). Here's the round-up (just a few links for now so we don't run any further behind, but there are more coming):
Brickset's entry on the commemorative set
Commemorative set instruction scans by TooMuchDew (Bill Toenjes)
LaForzaDiMente's flickr photos (covering only a few of the new sculptures)
Erik Knopp's 124 flickr photo set (+ another 69 photos of renovation in progress)
Garth Danielson's 46 photo flickr set
Max Braun 35 photo flickr set
Nathan Stohlman's 35 photo flickr set
This is Saturday's model of the day


TooMuchDew said...

several folks from TwinLUG have posted photos...
Erik Knopp's 124 photo set (+ another 69 photos of renovation in progress):
Garth Danielson's 46 photo set:
Max Braun 35 photo set:
Nathan Stohlman's 35 photos:

Dan said...

Thank you so much! I knew I had seen more flickr photos go by, but I must have accidentally marked them as read earlier - I've been driving myself crazy all weekend trying to find photos again.