Saturday, December 11, 2010

Andy's Room From the Toy Story Movies

Name of Model: Andy's Room
Created by: Pepa Quin
Found at:
Details: Once again, time for the "obligatory cool thing everyone is talking about" - sorry if you've already seen it. This time, it's an enormous diorama of Andy's room from the Toy Story movies. The full view is shocking, although it takes a minute to get a grasp on the sheer size of this thing. The room is large enough that the minifigs of the toys are roughly in scale to be the size of Andy's toys in the movies. Normally I'd go through a bunch of interesting techniques in the model, but in this case a few of them are a bit fiddly and not something to recommend trying. The bed, for example, has several elements that are only attached in one place and aren't sturdy - the top of the footboard and headboard are both only attached to the center pole of each. Using the printed LEGO Nintendo DS cover mosaics as posters was an inspired choice, and the brick-built mosaic on the bedspread is a great touch. Most of the furniture looks pretty great, and the shelves of other toys really sell the scene - the full set of 30 photos is well worth a look.
This is Friday's model of the day.

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