Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Snowflake Ornaments

Name of Model: Snowflake ornaments
Created by: Model Gal(Mariann Asanuma)
Found at:
Details: Although it's easy to fall into thinking that LEGO parts can only be connected in something of a rectangular grid, it's actually quite easy to attach them at angles to create more unusual shapes. Here, we see small white and blue pieces (primarily blue 1x3 plates) used to create 6-sides snowflakes. Most of these are about as "high" as one brick, but are meant to be displayed sideways. These are actually sturdier than you'd expect, but I'm sure it doesn't hurt that these were glued to be used as seasonal ornaments.

As recently announced on her blog, these are now available on Etsy.
This is Saturday's model of the day

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