Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Miniland-Scale Bench

Name of Model: LEGO Park Bench / LEGO Family on Bench
Created by: michelle6box (Michelle Allison)
Found at:
Details: Miniland scale (the large scale used by LEGOLAND model builders for the miniland parts of the parks) can be a bit difficult to build in, due to the sheer size of buildings large enough to fit people. Not surprisingly, this leads miniland fans to focus on people, characters, vehicles, and other smaller objects. If a design is good, it doesn't matter what it depicts or how large the scene it's in is. Most of the parts in this bench have been available in Pick-A-Brick over the past few years, but that's still enough to support a classy reddish brown and dark red color scheme with trans-red accents. Even though the studs-not-on-top work is relatively straightforward, it fits perfectly and gives the bench a great look - all while stretching those dark red 1x4 tiles (to this day the most inexpensive way to cover a surface in dark red). Like this? The same builder also made a small family to sit on the bench (also visible from at the links above).
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