Friday, February 12, 2010

Three-Legged Mecha

Name of Model: Watain
Created by: SerratedSyringe
Found at:
There are plenty of interesting mecha built out of LEGO out there, but nothing else quite like this. For one thing, there are three legs. For another, this thing is a few feet tall, with lots of clever Technic bits making it a surprisingly sturdy but still movable structure. Well-placed worm gear assemblies and turntables hold the whole thing up, and the gears can be adjusted to change the pose. Adjustable vertebrae in the torso add even more stability and pose-ability (not to mention more menacing looks). Other Technic trickery is used to great effect as well - check out the way these 12-tooth bevel gears have been meshed with a 40 tooth gear and the way one worm gear assembly secures one of the knee joints. Then there are the details - note the minifig-hand teeth and the various Knight's Kingdom and Bionicle pieces that are used here.

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