Saturday, February 13, 2010

Valentine's Day (Warning: Shameless Advertising Content)

In lieu of a proper model for the day, here's are the seasonal models that LEGO is trying to sell this Valentine's season. A straightforward hearticon is available (and probably easy to build with parts you have on hand). The roseicon, in particular, is a fairly nice design using fairly normal part (the company sells it pre-gluedicon), but we've covered nicer before. Finally, there's the LEGO Shop-at-Home Valentine's Day Gift Shopicon - which looks like it just features ordinary sets. I'm guessing it's a bit late for the Valentine's items to keep selling, but if you're interested, it's not too late, and there's always gift cardsicon. If the heart and rose are still in stock a bit after the holiday tomorrow, they will likely show up in Sales and Dealsicon.

Too bad that rose isn't available unglued - it's a really nice design and I think most of us could use more 1x2x2 slopes in red.

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