Monday, February 22, 2010

Robotics Monday: Set 8258 NXT-ified

Name of Model: LEGO Crane Truck 8258 NXTfied
Created by: Ramacco
Found at:
We've seen attempts at automating current Technic sets with an NXT before, but that's never the first challenge when it comes to adding an NXT to a set. Before you can start experimenting with sensor input and automation, you need to actually build in the motors and test out the functions. Here's an example of that part of the process based on set 8258 Crane Truckicon. A combination of NXT and Power Functions motors are used, along with the third-party NXT-IR adapter to let the NXT control the Power Functions motors. Of course, while IR doesn't work natively with the NXT, bluetooth does! A bluetooth connection to a cell phone allows the builder to control the vehicle remotely.

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