Monday, February 1, 2010

NXT-Powered Arctic Tracker Snow Crawler

Name of Model: Snow Crawler
Created by: bazmarc
Found at:
Details: If you have the 8263 Snow Groomer kit (which I highly recommend - I only own three of them and I find that's not enough), you've probably seen the alternate model that The LEGO Group calls the "Arctic Tracker". Like most alternate models in the Technic line these past few years, you'll have to download the instructions online if you want to build the Arctic Tracker (although they're hosted on the official LEGO website, it's more convenient to search Brickset and find directions through their cross-reference). Why stop there, though? This builder has gone a step further, adding an NXT to power the treads and steer the vehicle around. It travels decently in the snow, but properly sensing obstacles in the snow seems to be an unsolved challenge for us Mindstorms fans - light sensors have to deal with glare from the snow, and snow absorbs the signals sent out by the ultrasonic rangefinder.
Via TheNXTStep

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