Sunday, February 21, 2010

News Roundup

LEGOWORLD is currently underway right now in Denmark. Naturally, photos are slowly starting to find their way on to these "intarwebs" of ours. There are plenty of exciting original creations from LEGO fans on display, and the LEGO company brought back a few of their own popular displays as well (The giant version of 8880 Supercar is back out on display!)
Photos from LEGOWORLD 2010 (I'll be updating this post as I find out about more):
Ken_1974's flickr photo set
Coverage from TheNXTStep
marcus-e's flickr photo set
gerth6000's flickr photo set

On another note, some of the LEGO parts and creations stolen from BAYLUG President Mark Benz have been found and returned. While about a third of the models have not been recovered (and many of them were disassembled), at least this makes up for some of the monetary loss. Unfortunately, because they were recovered from an unattended vehicle, the thieves still haven't been caught.

Photos from Toy Fair NY are still surfacing. ASMZine has some great photos

Finally, some housekeeping: The book review post of I LEGO NY was supposed to appear on Saturday morning, but was inadvertently published early. I've decided to leave it where it is, but that's why there was no model featured yesterday.

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