Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Pirates at Sea

Name of Model: PTV2- When fishing goes wrong.
Created by: Guss
Found at:
It's not easy to build a great Pirate ship. Generally speaking, if you build only part of a ship, you're going to disappoint people. Not this time, though - the brick-built sails, water, boat hull and shark (according to this EuroBricks thread it was originally intended to be a whale but morphed into something fairly original that the builder is calling a Giant Sharkiguss) look spectacular and anchor (see what I did there?) the whole model. Not content to stop there, though, Guss has also added in some details and vignettes both inside and outside of the ship. You can spot a sleeping pirate, a captain with a fishing rod, and even barrels of ballast in the bottom of the ship.

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