Wednesday, January 13, 2010

BrickJournal Shared Calendars are Back!

If you've been diligently checking the calendar link on our sidebar for information about upcoming LEGO-related events, you've probably noticed that the calendars were down for a short time recently when the BrickJournal website was having problems. That website is now re-emerging, and the new calendar page is now live with the same great shared calendars we all know and love. We had been promoting a few events on our sidebar recently, but now we're pointing everyone to the calendar - and of course, we're still occasionally announcing large events here as regular posts.

...and if you haven't been checking the calendar to see if you can make it to any events in your area, here's a reminder to give it a shot!


Michael said...

BrickJournal was having problems because it was switching web-hosts and being redesigned. The company it was being hosted with went belly up, so it had to move. :)

If a LEGO event needs to be added to the calendar, just e-mail Joe and if you're apart of a LUG/LTC that have regular events, let Joe know and your name can be added to the list of people that has access to adding events to the calendars.

Or you can e-mail me.

Dan said...

Joe and I have already synced up on all that - I've been adding events to the calendars for a while now. I've been trying to treat those calendars as "our" event calendar for this blog (if for no other reason that to help the cause of steering the AFOL community to share one set of calendars). For a little while when the calendars were unaccessible on the BrickJournal site, I had temporarily swapped out the link to point to your BrickBuildr site.

I might post a bit more here about the BrickJournal site once Joe's happy with it (although personally, I liked the old site just fine). I've been really excited about these calendars and I'm hoping we can slowly get the rest of the AFOL community to use them as well.

I do wish, though, that we had some way of searching them easily by location...