Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Guitar Amp

Name of Model: Lego® Princeton Reverb® Amp!
Created by: David Chatterson (no known link to find him at - let me know if you can find one)
Found at:
This is easily one of the more unusual models I've featured recently. Generally speaking, people very intentionally seek out certain parts to build the models featured on this blog. Usually they have to stock up on certain elements, sort the collection a bit, and it's not at all uncommon to see someone buying additional parts to finish a model. So when I hear about someone using nothing but their childhood collection to build something spectacular, I start to wonder if it's a hoax. The fact that I can't find any other information about this builder similarly annoys me. Oh, and did I mention that the builder does not

However, the brilliant attention to detail in this model makes it noteworthy beyond it's seemingly mythical creation. Everything that's supposed to open up does, revealing internal details. It's really all in there, with everything recreated using fairly common parts. This looks so much like a functional Fender Princeton Reverb® amp that the Fender official website is hosting the webpage I'm linking to here.

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Bass Guitar Girl said...

Looks good to me. We've used one in some of our shows. This brand works well.