Thursday, August 13, 2009

Lion Of Lübuck

Name of Model: Lion Of Lübuck
Created by: maydayartist
Found at:
Take a moment to let that image sink in. I try to be agnostic towards photo quality - as someone who tends to take very bad pictures, I hardly feel fair judging other people's pictures. It's also up for debate whether or not photoshopped pictures of models should really count. This is just a striking image, a true work of art. If it weren't for a few distinct LEGO pieces still being visible, you could think this had been painted by a master landscape painter in centuries gone by.

Here's an interesting twist on basing your models on historical reference photos: rather than directly try to build the Adler von Lübeck out of LEGO® parts, maydayartist decided to build a sister ship - and what a spectacular ship it is. The sails are made out of pillow cases, and look surprisingly good (usually the non-LEGO material of choice is canvas, which is stiffer, but doesn't allow for stowing away the rigging like we see in some of the other photos here). The sides of the ship are largely made out of sideways log elements. The rear cabin makes use of hinges to create 7 sides. Most great Pirate ship models impress us with their size or vignettes, but this one does it with style.

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