Tuesday, April 7, 2009

LEGO Master Builder R2-D2 Sculpture Event

Name of Model: LEGO Master Builder R2-D2 Sculpture Event
Created by: The General Public
Found at: Duckingham Design & Flickr
Details: What a fun event! For three days, master model builder Dan Steininger was on hand overseeing hundreds of kids (and grown-up kids) participating to build an 8 foot tall R2-D2. In the picture you see a miniature version of R2-D2--this is what he referred to as his "instructions" for building the bigger one. There were about 8 tables with bins of white, blue, and grey 2x4's and 2x8's and instructions on how to make a giant "4x" brick, which is basically the equivalent of one of the bricks on the "instruction model." When you were done building your brick(s) you took your contribution to Dan or one of his helps and he would periodically add more to the sculpture.

I was hoping to come back and see the finished sculpture at a later time, but Dan said that actually, after it is finished, it gets dismantled for the next build. This particular model had already been built several times. I'm glad I'm not on the dismantling crew! :)

Looks like this particular event will be headed to Colorado Mills in Lakewood, CO for an event April 17-19. If you don't live around there but want to keep up with other events that might be in your area, check out the Upcoming Events page at LEGO.com.

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