Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Steven Marshall's Mirror

Name of Model: Mirror
Created by: Steven Marshall
Found at: MOCPages & Flickr
Details: Found this recent creation by Steven Marshall, already well-known in the AFOL community for his "studless" vehicles (i.e. he builds cars & trucks with a goal to leave no studs showing which results in a very smooth creation that makes you say, "Whoah, that's made out of LEGO???"). In keeping with his typical "studless" creations Steven here presents a beautiful castle scene amplified by the use of a mirror to create a "castle on the lake" effect. Very well done!

Mixing the Greys
A few years ago LEGO began changing the colors of its common light grey and dark grey. For the castle walls here, it looks like Steven is using the new light grey, but for the rocks on under the castle and on the edge of the lake, it looks like he's got a very effective mix of old and new dark grey.

Technic 1x2 beams
Am I mistaken or is he using a pile of Technic 1x2 beams to get this beautiful rounded brick look on his castle walls? That looks like a very useful technique I'll have to remember ... right after I find the money to invest in a pile of those 1x2 beams!

Lots of SNOT and Cheese
Okay, that might sound gross, but that's what going on here. For all you LEGO newbies, SNOT stands for "studs not on top" and is a technique that builders use to create different effects. And cheese are those tiny little 30° 1x1 slopes that come in awful handy for a lot of things, especially when you're building jagged rock edges next to a lake. :)

The Frog
And the frog has got to be my absolute favorite LEGO piece, so a plus 25 points to Steven for his use of a frog here.

Be sure to follow the links through to Flickr and check out the rest of the pictures Steven has of this creation.

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