Saturday, February 14, 2009

Bionicle Rose

Name of Model: A rose and vase for BBCC 46...
Created by: MuffinToa
Found at:
Every so often, the various Bionicle fansites out there will do a building contest. Most of these contests are based on Bionicle-style creations, but the most exciting ones to those of us who aren't Bionicle fans are always the contests that ask builders to use the Bionicle parts to build something outside of the theme. This sculpture of a rose is beautiful, and fitting for Valentine's Day today.

Love is sacrificing rare colors like dark red, dark green, pearl gray, and trans-dark-blue, isn't it?

Most of the building techniques here are fairly straightforward - the two to catch are the paird-up masks at the top and the use of loose balls from ball-and-socket-joints to put dark green socket beams close together (Close up photo: ).


Anonymous said...

Until you are able to post daily, you should change the name of this blog.

Lego Model of the Day said...

I have thought about that and even asked on here if people think the name should change - but ultimately, I decided against it (and this is actually the first time I've heard from a reader about the name, in spite of my asking about it a while back).

In any case, I am actually posting again now - with any luck, this means that I'm back for good.