Thursday, July 3, 2008

Giant DUPLO Train Turntable

Name of Model: Trains and Grapes
Created by: Ciaran
Found at:
Details: Here's an idea that I had thought of trying before, but hadn't thought of trying with DUPLO. As with many DUPLO projects, the larger bricks provide more sturdiness and generally allow you to rev up the scale without requiring as many parts. This two-train system is a great way of using existing elements to build a large custom turntable - and many LEGO fans have been looking for ways to build larger turntables for years. I get the idea that LEGO never thought that we'd be trying to build so many large things that would require huge turntables. A second video at the website above reveals that this is actually a panoramic camera stand. That comes second, of course, to it just being awesome.

This way of doing embedded video is new (to me), but with any luck it'll work:

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