Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The Baa-Baa Sleepy-Time Express

Name of Model: The Baa-Baa Sleepy-Time Express
Created by: jedimasterwagner
Found at: http://www.flickr.com/photos/jedimasterwagner/sets/72157605891170009/
Although I have previously mentioned the Cave Racer craze, I somehow managed to not mention the Reasonably Clever Pigs on the Wing Contest where people were challenged to build cave racers piloted by animals. Be warned, not all contest entries are kid safe. Although there are many possibilities still not explored even after this contest (which ended yesterday), there are also a ton of very clever entries into this contest. My personal favorite is this one, where a counting sheep rides a cave racer that appears to have once been a bedroom set. Oh, and did I mention that two minifigs are still trying to sleep in that bed? They look pretty terrified, but at least they're LEGO® people, so it's not like their lamps aren't sturdily attached to their nightstands. I was actually surprised that this model still included all of the parts required to meet the contest's standards for cave racers, but they're actually all in there. This is also a computer-generated image (probably done in LDraw), but I do believe that this could actually be built too. Of course, the details here are as excellent as you'd expect for a model of the day - don't miss the goblet-and-rocket-booster lamps or the clever design of the sheep.

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