Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Grain Elevator

Name of Model: Grain Elevator
Created by: I K Block
Found at:
I don't feature enough freight-related train buildings on here. This is a fantastic DUPLO® Grain Elevator for a town/train layout. Yes, I've found another great DUPLO layout builder - this standout's probably the only one that'll appeal to everybody, but there are other great buildings and layouts pictured on the builder's Flickr account too. Too many LEGO fans forget that DUPLO still counts - it works with the regular-sized pieces, and there are many great things that just aren't possible in the regular scale (such as steep train slopes, intelli-trains, and building large things in rare colors). This building is brilliant and straightforward - you probably already have yellow DUPLO® bricks and doors, even if you probably don't have access to this many of them. Mixing in the dark-orange wood panels is a great touch, and there's no arguing with those roof lines or the utilitarian detailing of the structure. I didn't even know that LEGO made grey (bluish grey?) baseplates for DUPLO, and I think that the loading element pointing to the train cars might actually be a System component, but they look great here. I don't know what the inside looks like (I'm assuming that this isn't functional...) but this is definitely a great model that I'd like in my DUPLO town.

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