Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Finding LEGO Events

One of the things that I've been meaning to do here for a while is produce a solid calendar of LEGO-related events. Right now, there is no centralized online calendar for finding out about events in your area (or areas where you may be traveling). I'm not quite ready to try to tackle this yet, but there are two calendars online now that are both incomplete but useful already.

The online calendar for BrickJournal magazine has many events listed, including all of Nathan Sawaya's museum displays. BrickJournal only lists events open to the public.

Trains-N-Town has a calendar of LEGO town/train events that are open to the public. Although this is only for one type of layout, it's a very exciting theme and we've featured many of the LEGO Users Groups who put on displays announced at TNT on this blog before.

Let me know at if you know of any other helpful calendars for finding LEGO events. Also, if you let me know about your LEGO-related event, I'll be happy to announce it here as well.

EDIT 7/31/2008: The LEGO Club website has an official calendar now too. That link is US-only but I suspect it will redirect to similar pages in other countries (I'm pretty sure the LEGO Club is international).

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