Thursday, June 12, 2008

Destroyer Spaceship

Name of Model: destroyer
Created by: LUM
Found at:
It's a giant spaceship with rounded edges. That's really all it needs to qualify as "fascinating", isn't it? There are great details on this one inside-and-out, and the only criticism I can think of is that it requires a few bricks on the bottom to help it stand up. Did I mention that even though this is huge, it's still in minifig scale? It's staffed with stormtroopers, although I'm not sure if this actually fits into the Star Wars universe anywhere. There are 136 photos in the Brickshelf gallery above, so I'll just leave it at that. Maybe I should have saved this for a Sunday, but I think I've put this one off long enough...let me know if you think 136 is too many for a daily model!

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Wilhelm2451 said...

Looking at all those grey pieces, I'd have to guess that somebody got tired of the Millenium Falcon collector's edition and decided to go for something different.