Friday, May 30, 2008

Empire State Building in Microscale

Name of Model: Empire State Building
Created by: Sean Kenney
Found at:
LEGO-Certified Professional Sean Kenney continues to bring awesome sculptures to the world. This one was built on-commission for the new gift shop of the Empire State Building. Since that gift shop is on the observation deck, that makes this the highest LEGO® sculpture in the world. The details of the windows are probably my favorite part, but microscale fans won't want to miss the cars and people at the base. Half of the street is included in the scene, including all sorts of taxis busses, and cars. Of course, when your building is in microscale, a minifig-scale monkey is suddenly able to become King Kong (or Little Kong, as Sean's apparently taken to calling him). I like most of the other details by the top, too - the use of lighter-colored bricks as windows is a good idea, and mixing in black bricks to show windows in rooms where the lights aren't on only enhances the effect. If you're planning a trip to New York City, make sure you make it up to the observation deck to visit this model in person - it'll be on display for the indefinite future.

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