Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Hold of Wyhrt Quoip

Name of Model: The Hold of Wyhrt Quoip
Created by: remyth
Found at:
First things first: it's pronounced "Wee-ert Qu-oip". Of course, that's not what really was done first that makes this surprising - the lack of a baseplate is the real shocker there. The finishing touches are excellent too - the architectural details are beautiful, and the studless look of the castle itself is continued on the rocks on the side of the peninsula. Where the little LEGO logo on top of the studs can be seen, it's worked in with the foliage. Carefully placed plates with clips add a perfect but hard-to-see trim to the tower. The sides of the walls are surprisingly intricate too. I'm really loving the tiled steps, which feature some great angle work (it looks like an inverted version of the technique in the Market Street set. The details above the front entryway, though, are a real piece of art.

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