Thursday, May 8, 2008

The Contortion

Name of Model: The Contortion
Created by: Nannan Z.
Found at:
This clever abstract sculpture tries an unusual twist on the many-angled-bricks-can-make-a-curvy-line trick by using 2x2 corner plates to make minifig-scale paths. Some supports are used for sturdiness, but I suspect that similar designs with solid tops wouldn't need supports. Hmm, I guess I sound silly talking about these things before sharing my own similar models. It should suffice to say that watching your center of gravity while trying these techniques can lead to some surprising freestanding results. Of course, there are some other things here I haven't tried, too - making a curve switch directions, and the use of black Martian-arms pieces for the spindly curves near the center (for those of you only familiar with the current "Mars Mission" line, there was another Mars-themed line with an unrelated storyline called "Life on Mars" a few years back, and that's where that part was introduced. Of course, that part has since gone on to do a variety of surprising and awesome things, but they were fairly boring arms when they first came out). Using one of those clear mosaic baseplates to make the bottom look like it's not really the end of the paths was a good idea, too. Oh, and if you don't mind poking around on YouTube, there's a panaromic video too. Beyond that, though, all 15 photos that are appearing on the various photohosting sites are the same ones posted at the MOCPages link above.

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