Friday, May 9, 2008

New Record-Setting Tower

Name of Model: Record-breaking Tower in LEGOLAND Windsor
Created by attendees of the LEGO Club event
Found at: see links below
We've all seen glamourous record-breaking towers before. There was the Canadian record-breaker last August, and the far more popular Pirate-themed ship's mast tower last June, but they are both a good metre below this one in height. The structure of this one looks a bit more sturdy too, but they decided to use support cables (just in case, I'll say). Variations on the The Daily Mail's coverage have been making their way through the blogosphere, but this was actually broken as news the previous day by a blogger who was displaying some of his own LEGO models at the same event. I like the miniland-scale flags and character on the top in the Daily Mail's photos, but since it looks like they take down their photos over time, I'm featuring the Tabletown coverage for the photo above. The animators at Paganomation win the "perspective" award here, though, for digging up an article from the Winter 1990-1991 BrickKicks magazine that discusses the early days of the record-breaking-tower tradition.

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