Thursday, May 22, 2008

Chip Shop / High Street

Name of Model: Chip Shop (from High Street)
Created by: Mad physicist
Found at:
One of the difficulties of maintaining an "of-the-day" blog is that I wind up holding off on many great models for the sake of trying to keep a good variety on the front page. This is actually the second time this week that I've picked out a model that really is best looked at as a sequel to an older model that I just haven't had a chance to blog about yet. If you want a look at the older model (a curry house) first, you can see it in the same gallery. Together, these two excellent buildings are called High Street. It's anyone's guess if/when I'll get to featuring the curry house here, but I'm told that there are plans for more buildings in this style...

This style is actually a unique mix of popular English architecture with the Café Corner format of town models. As with the previous building in this series, there's an excellent sign with lettering, but this one goes a bit further by also having fish and sandwich signs. The bottom two floors of this one also have interiors. I'm particularly jealous of the bay window though - those 1x4x2 windows are rare parts and they work very well here.

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