Sunday, March 16, 2008

Animal Sculptures at the Burlington Mall

Various Models
Created by master builders employed by The LEGO Group
Found at:
Photographer johnpiercy found this beautiful display of animal sculptures at the Burlington Mall in Burlington, Ontario, Canada. I have no idea how long they'll be on display, but apparently they are there now and were brought in for a "fun zone" event that ends today. It looks like there is/was a guess-the-amount-of-parts contest as well, but I have no idea if/when we'll see any of that information surface online. The koala bears in particular are excellent, and a great example of just how much can be done with newer colors like tan and stone. The leopard mosaic is another highlight, and I love the way that round 2x2 tiles were used to make paws on the young tiger.

EDIT: Apparently some of these sculptures have been making their way around since 2006.

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