Saturday, March 15, 2008

Medieval Village Scene - Attacked by Goblins!

Name of Model: VillageAttack - A goblin invasion.
Created by: RebelRock
Found at:
This masterpiece was done as an entry to the 2008 Battles Contest. Newer "goblin" minifigs are attacking villagers and Crown Knights - and there's an excellent detailed medieval village here too.
Some highlights:
  • Grey goblets are used in place of fences in the bridge.
  • The smooth look of the water was achieved by putting blue bricks on their side.
  • Complete landscaping - sculpted grass, slopes for rocks, and even a decent dirt trail leading up to all of the buildings.
  • Just in front of the bridge, you can see someone who jumped headfirst into the water to escape a goblin
  • White 2x2 round plates give a realistic smoke-from-a-chimney effect
  • If you follow non-LEGO weaponry, you'll probably recognize some of the unusual weapons used in the battle (I'd call that cheating, but it's not too noticeable here...)
  • A fire has started burning a building!

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