Saturday, October 13, 2007

Pirate Captain Sculpture

Name of Model: Pirate Captain
Created by: Scaled-Up LEGO Bricks bloggers
Found at:
This sculpture of an oversized LEGO® minifig pirate captain was created by a pair of enthusiasts to go with an official pirate sculpture that they purchased recently. Unlike the other sculpture that they wanted this one to match, this one is made entirely out of LEGO® bricks. Their design perfectly captures all of the details of the original minifig (note the details on that torso, and don't ask me how they got enough brown parts for that peg leg - which seems to have no problem supporting the weight!)

They are also looking for more info on the "Pirate Lady" sculpture that this Captain was made to go with - if you have any information or photographs to share, please pass them along to them.

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