Friday, October 12, 2007

Reversable Spaceship (original alternate Exoforce model)

Name of Model: unknown
Created by: Lego Adventures - A Galaxy of Design
Found at:
After deciding that he did not like the design of the model featured in the Exoforce Shadow CrawlerLEGO® set, this young builder decided to build his own alternate model with the same parts. The spaceship he built is a really clever design - it's reversable and looks just as great studs-up as it does studs-down. I'm not sure just how this was built (which direction he built out from) but the effect is great. The use of those leg/blade things from the original model as wings is a good idea too.

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My name is Tommy. said...

Thanks for the mention. He made up the design himself, and used only pieces from the exoforce shadow crawler. He really disliked playing with the original design, as it had trouble balancing. But with the new makeover, he now plays with it all the time. (Of course... a battleship is SO much more fun!) lol

His mom