Thursday, September 13, 2007

"Lego Towers" Archetecture Proposal

Name of Model: "Lego Towers"
Created by: Bjarke Ingels Group
Found at:
Longtime readers of the blog won't be surprised to hear that many professionals use LEGO® as a modeling medium. This one is unusual, though, because of the way that both the landscaping and the towers themselves are designed in a boxy fashion. Further, most of the towers themselves are clear, and the whole things lights up! Of course, the scale of this thing is what allows it to spread so quickly on the blog-o-tubes - everybody loves enormous minifig-scale models. Rather than direct you to the obnoxious flash thing on the firm's official site, I'm linking you to another LEGO® themed blog that has a bit more patience when it comes to wading through models that go all over "teh intarwebs" - they have some fairly thorough coverage of the model, and links to a few other places where this one's being discussed.

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