Friday, August 17, 2007

Spacey "Rush Hour"-style Game

Name of Model:
A space-themed version of the popular traffic jam puzzle - unnamed so I will not get sued...
ed. note: We think it'll be fine to use the trademarked name here :-)
Created by: Jaem
Found at:
This is a delightful new twist on the Rush Hour Game concept - it's a Space-themed version of the game made with as an avant-garde LEGO® model. Of course, the game itself is hours of fun (seriously - Buy it if you don't have it yet - you won't regret it.) - but this LEGO® rendition uses a number of clever building techniques as well. The "cars" are detailed microscale creations that are designed with parts that reach down to hold the cars in place (there are, of course, skid plates underneath as well). The "tracks" that the cars go back-and-forth on (for those unfamiliar with the game, you cannot turn a car in it) are made with an array of various tiled-plates. The outside of the game has been decorated with a number of curvy and slopey pieces. OK, so this doesn't come with cards or a storage tray, but otherwise, this is one awesome model. You could probably whip up your own version for under $50 too (watch those proportions, though - there's some less-than-a-full-brick-across trickery going on in those grooves...).

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