Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Black Falcon's Tower

Name of Model: Black Falcon's Tower
Created by: Lomero
Found at:
Here's a great new twist on building castles - building the walls sideways. I suppose this trick would work well in a town building too, but it works particularly well to get some of the smaller spots needed in realistic castles. If you're familiar with LEGO® geometry, you're probably used to the idea that the height of three plates is equal to the height of one brick. If you're really into LEGO® geometry, you should know that LEGO® bricks are 6/5 as high as they are wide. If you're truly into LEGO® geometry, you probably also know some tricks even cooler than this one. For now, though, the point is that the sideways wall allows for some smaller details and increased resolution (much like it does in LEGO® mosaics). The sideways effect was used here to allow for bow-and-arrow-sized slit windows on the lower level and a very clever cross-shaped window on the top floor.

There's one other cool trick here - look closely at the top walls that the minifigs are standing behind, and you'll notice that those bricks and arches are upside-down! I'm not entirely sure how they're held in place, but they look great.

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