Friday, August 17, 2007

Computer Sculpture

Name of Model: PC Mag Computer
Created by: Nathan Sawaya
Found at:
For the March 7th, 2006 issue of PC Magazine, the computer magazine hired professional LEGO® artist/sculptor Nathan Sawaya to build a computer sculpture. They wanted to play up the whimsy element of a normal object made out of LEGO® bricks, so bright colors were chosen as the color palette. The final result is, as you can see, quite brilliant. I don't know why green was picked for that keyboard, though. Some plates and special parts were used to make the shapes and ports look fairly realistic. The pixelated effect on the screen is a nice touch - but is that there to show that it's a digital item, or to show that it's made out of LEGO® bricks?

By the way - the site above mentions something about a time lapse video of the building of the CPU part of this sculpture. I wasn't able to find the graphic to link it, but if somebody spots it, let me know.

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