Friday, August 31, 2007

"My Ideal Shanghai"

Name of Model: "My Ideal Shanghai"
Created by: BABB ShangHai Workshop Leaders Shanghai Tongji University School of Architecture Students
Found at:
Here's another great model from our friends at Building Asia Brick By Brick (which I have blogged about previously, please see those posts for more info on this series of presentations). This one makes good use of some impressionistic techniques and features some clever uses of bricks that are angled and sideways. You can click on the photos on their site to see larger shots where these things are a little more clear. There's also some clever stuff here with round sculpted parts and some sections that are built upside-down but aren't attached with normals studs-not-on-top methods. Oh, and these are some pretty clever original building designs too - they'd certainly stand out in Shanghai or any other city.

The exhibit will be on display in Beijing through September 1st (which I think is today in that time zone), Shanghai from September 6th to the 9th, and Chengdu from the 13th to the 25th.

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