Thursday, September 25, 2014

Cookie Monster

Name of Model: More Cookies.
Created by: Paul "polywen" Lee
Found at:
Details: To commemorate Jim Henson's 78th birthday yesterday, Paul Lee posted this build of Cookie Monster eating a cookie and thinking of yet more cookies. Once you see it, using those Mixel eyes (printed on the ball part of a ball-and-socket joint) to build muppets seems really obvious, but I don't believe I've seen that part used that way before. I'm also loving the shape of Cookie Monster's face here - the lower cheese slopes are sideways and secured by a 1x1 plate connected to a headlight brick. The background and thought cloud (a clever if common use for curved slopes) sell the idea here - personally, I would have added reddish brown 1x1 round plates for chocolate chips, but the tan 2x2 round plates work perfectly to show Cookie Monster thinking of more cookies.

My only quibble is the proportions of the milk glass. It looks a little off to me, but I'm not sure that 2x2 round bricks (or plates) would actually look any better. That's the problem with picking one part (likely the eyes in this case) and then trying to build the rest of a scene around it - sometimes LEGO just can't quite get you the size you need, and something has to be a little out-of-scale. Fortunately, the rest of this is perfect.

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