Wednesday, September 24, 2014

An Index of Brickset Bricklists of LEGO sets by specific designers

If you're anything like me, you like to keep track of who designed various LEGO sets. LEGO designers are our rock stars. LEGO set database Brickset has long been the go-to resource for information on LEGO sets, so it's only natural that their bricklists feature has become a useful tool for keeping track of which sets were designed by some of our favorite LEGO set designers. Here's a quick round-up of some designer-based bricklists that I've found - as always, you can let us know of any that I've missed by shooting an e-mail to

Bricklists made/maintained by LEGO set designers themselves:
Sets by Mark Stafford.
Sets by Adam.
LEGO designs by Pierre Normandin
Sets designed by Mike Psiaki

Bricklists made by LEGO fans about LEGO set designers:
Sets designed by Marcos Bessa
Sets by Jamie Berard

These are, by their nature, difficult to complete - since a finished LEGO set is the work of several different teams and departments at LEGO, it's frequently not easy to say that any particular person should have credit for a particular part of a specific LEGO set. There are also many LEGO set designers who aren't connected enough to the fan community to realize that there's a real interest in hearing about these details of their work.

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