Friday, March 4, 2011

A Magic Mirror

Name of Model: Mirror mirror on the wall....
Created by: monsterbrick (Matt Armstrong)
Found at:
Details: It's a real shame that LEGO has been phasing out chrome-colored elements recently. Sure, the process of manufacturing those parts is expensive, but the effect is fantastic. Just a few short years ago, you could get the UCS Naboo Starfighter, which came with tons of chrome silver elements - including the wings you see used so well here. The metallic silver color we see instead isn't all bad, but it just doesn't have that reflective sheen that you need when trying to build mirrors. This magic mirror (think Snow White) looks stunning.

Although we're all distracted by the chrome (ooh! shiny!), the eyes in this model show the best use yet for that obnoxious element "Brick, Modified 1 x 4 with Sloped Ends and Two Top Studs".

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