Saturday, January 22, 2011

"On the Loose" Displays in Sydney, Australia

Name of Model: On the Loose
Created by LEGO master builders
Found at:
Details: The details seem a bit hazy (I'm still not sure when this event ends - I've seen conflicting dates but nothing official), but it appears that there is are two large, long-term LEGO displays going on in Sydney, Australia - one at the Sydney Aquarium and another at Sydney Wildlife World. I'm not sure how this snuck in under our radar, but apparently these models have been "on the loose" since December 22nd, 2010. Long story short: there's a need to round-up photos of great sculptures:
Stobbsc (Christopher Sobbs)'s flickr photos
Wanderer and Wonderer's flickr photos article
Eeks! A mouse . . . blog post (includes some photos)

Photo above by Stobbsc (Christopher Sobbs).

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