Sunday, January 30, 2011

A Custom Maersk Train

Name of Model: This is my second Locomotive - Yes I canibalized one Maersk Sealand - and Yes I cut the sticker sheet in pieces to get those Maersk stars - its an 8 wide and 59 long - and she goes thru the Lego curves - Yes she does
Created by: misterzumbi (Adam Grabowski)
Found at:
Details: Last weekend, scurrilous rumors flittered about the LEGO-interested parts of the internet after someone found some leaked photos. Rest assured - if you see a post about a new set here, we've already verified that there really will be a new set out and will only post official announcements before the kit is actually released. Now, for something completely different (that just coincidentally sounds very similar):

This Maersk train locomotive was created by misterzumbi before he became a designer for the LEGO company. This actually could never be a set - the sheer size of it would rule it out. There's some argument in the LEGO train community over what the proper size of trains should be (mostly because "minifig scale" is a wildly inconsistent "scale"), but the official kits are almost always 6 studs wide. This one weighs in at 8 studs wide and 59 studs long. This is packed with great details, but the brick-built lettering on the sides.

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