Friday, December 31, 2010

A Worn 1959 Chevy Impala

Name of Model: 1959 model based on an Impala - Shown here as driven in the unfortunalley infamous danish series Olsen Banden
Created by: misterzumbi
Found at:
Details: It's no secret that misterzumbi's cars are amazing. This time, he ups the difficulty level a bit by trying to make a weathered vehicle instead of a new one. Naturally, trying to make LEGO look aged and worn is not easy - bright colors don't lend themselves to this, and a certain amount of chunkiness always comes up. Using brown and sand green bits here mixed in with the black seems to do the job here without sticking out too much - it feels like just the right amount of rusty texture. The details, as always, are great, but it looks like the car wheels might brush against that front fender. No matter - the great techniques here make up for any flaws it might have. Levers for windshield wipers and the unusual construction of the headlights are exciting enough, but the roof rack (made out of the hook hands from Pirate minifigures and some flex-system casing hoses) steals the show. If that didn't, the front fender's chrome-lightsaber-holding-chrome-knives technique would. A subdirectory shows off some variations on the model.

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